Easter! Chocolate! Hallelujah!

Sarah's First Easter

Though Sarah turned two just after Easter, this Easter, like Christmas, was presumably her first, since in her first year she spent it in a Chinese government orphanage, not known for religious celebrations. In the photo above, Sarah's discovery of the true spiritual meaning of Easter: if you're two, primarily chocolate. She had only sampled chocolate rarely before, so Easter was her first real indulgence, and she was bouncing off the wall and collapsing by afternoon.

She did go to church and make it all the way through on Easter, good practice for her baptism three weeks later. Below, a couple of shots of her in the dress her grandmother gave her. It was actually given for Christmas, but since it was cool, it did duty for Easter.

But the high point of the day was the stuffed bunnies, chocolate eggs, and the baskets -- she loves anything that she can use to carry stuff -- and still, a month later, if you say Easter, she says "eggs?".

Here are before and after shots of the eggs and rabbits before she woke up, and of helping Mama clean up the plastic grass from the baskets off the floor.

Before: Rabbits, Baskets, Eggs
All Ready for Sarah
After: Helping Mama Clean Up the plastic grass, with her own little broom...

But before we got to that point, there had of course been all that chocolate, all those eggs... Herewith some more shots, including some classics with chocolate ...