Sarah's First Snow
Sometime in late January we got the only     snow so far this winter which has actually stuck. We're in the midst of a drought, and though snow is forecast for the first weekend in March (just after this page goes up), this one snowfall may be our only one of the year creating enough to build a snowman.

    We've seen photos of Sarah Grace Dunn's orphanage in China which seem to show snow on the trees outside the windows, but since the babies were not generally taken out of the building in bad weather, she may have seen snow but never actually touched it our been allowed to play in it. Certainly she'd never seen snow since learning to walk, since that came after coming to America. So we think we're describing her first real experience with snow.

    Not that it was much to speak of. But it clearly made an impresion on her. Above, Sarah with Tam. Below, some more. At first, she was reluctant, a little scared, not at all sure what was going on. She said "snow" a lot -- she'd watched it come down, and knew the word, but wasn't quite sure how to deal with it. (Add to the fact that Sarah doesn't like to wear her mittens, and it's awfully cold stuff without them.)

    A side note: despite hating her mittens, she loves her little snow boots, and has insisted on wearing them sometimes even in good weather or in the house. They're hard rubber and must sweat terribly, not to mention be uncomfortable, but they're cool-looking and she loves her boots.

    She started out in a sort of trance (what is this stuff?) and gradually got used to it, watched Mama build a snowman (Daddy was doing the camera work, Mama the hard work) and then got familiar with it and even comfortable with it.

What is this stuff, anyway?

Why am I here?
What is this stuff?
Well, maybe it's fun after all!
Look what Mama did!
Maybe there's something to this stuff after all...
Actually, it's kind of fun
to explore in this stuff...
Sort of funny-looking guy there...

Ahh, Snow...

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