The Brothers of Charles E. Jones
My grandfather, Charles E. Jones (1862-1926) had two brothers (in addition to a first brother said to have died in infancy, mentioned in their parents' obituaries but with nothing else known). These were Richard David Jones (Uncle Dick), 4 March 1865-8 January 1949, and John J. Jones, 1 March 1867-22 December 1934.

Richard David Jones

Richard D. Jones, known as Uncle Dick to his nieces and nephews, was the middle of the three brothers. He married Anna Mary Lukens; they had four children.

Richard David Jones is shown on the right. Second from right is his wife Anna Mary Lukens Jones (Aunt Ann).

On the left are their daughter Annie and her husband Orval Brooner.

Richard David Jones and wife on a visit to Galena, Kansas, probably in the mid- to late-1930s. They are standing on the porch of the old Jones house at 710 Galena Avenue. The Jones family moved to that house soon after the death of Mary Ellen Cleary Jones in 1918. Charles E. Jones' second wife,Perle Parker Jones, lived in the house after his death and remained there until she died in 1955. The house is still standing in Galena.

In the photo, left to right: Margaret Cecilia Jones (later Hulse); Sarah Agnes Jones (later Dunn; my mother), Orval Brooner, son-in-law of Richard D. Jones, Perle Parker Jones, second wife and widow of Charles E. Jones, Anna Mary Lukens Jones (Aunt Anne, Richard D. Jones' wife), and Richard D. Jones.

John J. Jones

John J. Jones was the youngest of the three brothers. Charles E. Jones named his eldest son John Joseph Jones, and there is a good chance that that was also John J. Jones' middle name, but the existing obituaries and other documents never spell out the middle name. He seems to have signed himself either John or J.J. Jones. He and his wife Kate had five children, based on obituary information.

John J. Jones as a young man. A similar tintype of Charles E. Jones as a young man was said to have been made when Charles was 17, that is about 1879; but this must not have been made at the same time as John would have been only 12 at that time and he appears older here.
John J. Jones had stores first in Clarence, then in Marceline, and finally in Kansas City, MO. This postcard sows him standing in front of one, possibly the one in Kansas City (?) The postcard was sent to his mother; the message is shown below.
To Mrs. John Jones, Clarence, MO:

Hello Mother How are you i am OK. this Picture was taken in the Park right in Front of Shop you can see the shop Behind me Best love your loving son John


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