The Joneses in Ireland:

David Jones

Cover Page on Abbeyshrule

Michael Dunn's 1987 Notes on a Visit to Abbeyshrule

Touring with Tom

Mill Lane in Abbeyshrule

The Joneses in America:

Charles Edward Jones and Galena, Kansas

The Brothers of Charles Edward Jones

Some Reilly and Fitzpatrick Kin

Needless to say, there are problems in researching anyone named Jones. And when your John Jones lived in the New York City area, and his father David Jones came from Wales originally, documenting the line can be difficult. Nevertheless I know quite a bit, and since I have a large number of American kin -- my mother was the last of 12 children, of whom 10 lived to adulthood -- I want to share what I do haveat this time, though when and if I am able to make another genealogical visit to Ireland, I hope to learn more. My father's lines, the Dunns and the Collinses, go back much farther in America and -- since I knew even less when I began about them than about the Joneses -- I have done much more so far on tracing their lines, largely because it could be done in this country. But I do have some material on our Irish and Welsh origins on the Jones and Cleary side, and you will find it here and under related pages on the intermarried lines, the Reillys, Fitzpatricks, and Clearys. I am eager to hear from any Jones kin who find this page, and do let me know your E-mail so I can stay in touch with you.

See also Cleary.

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I also have a version of my genealogy database online. It is not as complete on the Joneses as I would like, and I'd be delighted to hear from you about your own families and data. Please note that my ONLINE database contains NO dates or places of residence for living persons or anyone under 100 years old unless I am sure they are deceased.  Only names and relationships are shown, and this can be suppressed if desired. Information provided me privately will NOT be put on the Internet without permission, and NO age or location or address data on living persons will be provided to protect privacy.Click here for the database.

A database that contains more on some Jones lines than mine currently does may also be found at, a clearinghouse site set up by Jones cousins Maureen Harte and Steve Jones.

My immediate Jones descent is as follows. For biographical data, photos etc., click on the name if underlined (more details to come soon):
David Jones and Family Origins (Wife Catherine?)
John Jones (1828-1914) md. Frances Reilly (1836-1920)
Charles Edward Jones (1862-1926) md Mary Ellen Cleary (1865-1918) (ALSO SHOWN IN PHOTO ABOVE)
Sarah Agnes Jones (1912-1966) md. Howard C. Dunn (1911-1976)
Michael Collins Dunn (1947-     ) md. Tamar Ann Mehuron (1954-     )
Sarah Grace Dunn (2000-)