A Dunn Family Album

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Anna Bandy Wikle 1795-1878  
Wife of Henry Wikle, Grandmother of Rev. John Henry Dunn; mother of Susan Wikle Dunn 264.0 KB 
Susan Wikle Dunn 1827-1910  
Wife of James Dunn, Mother of Rev. John Henry Dunn 
244.9 KB

John Henry Dunn 1848-1914  
 John Henry Dunn as a Young Preacher (From Robb's Life of Fowler) 232.1 KB 
John Henry Dunn 1848-1914  
Fev. John Henry Dunn as a mature preacher 80.4 KB 
Mary E. Dunn Duckett 1851-1934  
Mary E. Dunn, sister of Rev. J.H. Dunn, wife of James M. Duckett, and Great-grandmother of Governor Roy E. Barnes of Georgia  29.0 KB 
For Barnes Relationship, Click Here
Jesse Louis Dunn 1867-1932 
 Jesse Louis Dunn, son of Rev. J.H. Dunn, and Effie Lorena Collins on their wedding day (1908) 45.1 KB 
James Gazaway Dunn and Letty Ann Palestine Dunn   
James G. Dunn (b. 1869), son of Rev. J.H. Dunn,  and his wife and cousin, Letty Ann Palestine Dunn 40.9 KB 
 William Asbury Dunn 1872-1973   
William Asbury Dunn, son of Rev. J.H. Dunn about 1934 9.5 KB
 William Asbury Dunn 1872-1953  
William Asbury Dunn in later years 20.9 KB
W.A. Dunn and Maggie Dunn McKinney   
William Asbury Dunn (1872-1953) and his sister Maggie Dunn McKinney (1879-1968) in about 1934 40.0 KB 
Maggie Dunn McKinney   
Maggie Dunn McKinney (1879-1968), daughter of Rev. J.H. Dunn in front of her Ball Ground GA home in 1958 
13.2 KB 
I do not have a photo of Samuel N. Dunn, the other child of Rev. John Henry Dunn
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