Our First Meeting
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July 2, 2001, Beijing Meeting Room of the Grand Sun Hotel in Changsha, Hunan, China, 1:00 pm China Time

One of the Nannies Brings Chang Xiao Chao to meet her new parents. The babies had traveled more than three hours from Changde to Changsha. It was a very hot (mid-90s Fahrenheit) and very humid day; we don't think their car had air conditioning, and they'd probably never been more than short distances from the orphanage before. They'd not had lunch or a diaper change when they reached us. 

Xiao Chao is handed to her new Mommy: She doesn't like it very much.

Xiao Chao has calmed down a bit. Note the heat rash or eczema on her right cheek.

Both parents try to reassure her. Daddy deploys the stuffed lamb.

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