The Ancestors and Families of 
Michael Collins Dunn (1947-       )
and Tamar Ann Mehuron (1954-     

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As many people new to genealogy are now using the Web and genealogy software to research their family history, it seems appropriate to issue a few cautions. Some of the material in this database is still provisional, not proven to the rigorous standards of historical proof, and some of it was provided by collateral lines, where I cannot personally vouch for the research. In exchanging information with distant collateral lines, I have not attempted to check the correctness of the data. 

This [a GED2HTML output]  is one of several different formats I am using to put my family history data on line. For more than 50 years, since I was in high school, I have been doing research on my ancestors, and this has included considerable research on the lines of my wife, Tamar Ann Mehuron.  I was trained as a professional historian, and have sought to document every statement IN MY DIRECT LINE, with some exceptions which are important to note:

Please also understand that much of the data on collateral lines of descent were not researched by me. I have had to rely on the researches done by others, and cannot personally vouch for the quality or accuracy of that research. I would ask that no one enter my data in their own databases without at least spot-checking it, particularly when it is a line of descent far removed from my own.

Michael Collins Dunn 

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