Sarah Grace in September to October 2001

We haven't been very good about putting up pictures of Sarah Grace Dunn since our return from China in July, mostly because she (plus the three jobs between the two of us) and a war in Michael's part of the world keeps us very busy. Here's an inadequate attempt to bring things up to date a bit.

For Later Photos of Sarah's First Thanksgiving, Click Here

She's been walking, running, climbing, and all that stuff for months now; she can say quite a few words and communicates in many other ways.

Here are some photos:

See: There Stands Sarah Like A Stone Wall:
Sarah at Manassas: A Civil War Buff Like Her Daddy?
Doesn't it Look Like She's About to Pull the Lanyard?

Halloween 2001: Her First Halloween

Since we assume they didn't do dressup in the Chinese orphanage, we assume this was Sarah's first halloween. She dressed in a yellow duck suit. She didn't seem too clear about the meaning of it all, and Tam wouldn't let her have most of the candy she got trick or treating, but we had fun.



Facepainting at Daycare as a Lion, just before halloween

And Finally: A pensive look at Manassas, looking at a couple of straws


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