Some Fitzpatrick and Reilly (Riley) Kin

Here are a few photos of Fitzpatrick and Reilly Kin outside the direct line of descent.

Charles Riley (Reilly)
Brother of Frances (Fannie) Reilly Jones
Charles Riley (as he spelled the name), born about 1840 in Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland, died 21 March 1897 in Blackwell Station, Macon County, MO. His wife's name was Bridget. According to his obituary, he spent some 10 years prospecting in the Australian gold fields before coming to the United States. He settled in Macon County, MO, some miles west of Clarence and his sister and brother-in-law.

His wife Bridget was born in Ireland about 1846, and died 21 January 1916 near Axtell, Macon County, MO.

They had three sons, James, Charles, and John Riley, who were at one time living in the Kansas City area.

Ann Reilly (Riley)The photo at right carries the inscription on the back, "Compliments of Aunt Ann", and on the front, "Grandma's sister." Aunt Marg (Margaret Jones Hulse), the eldest daughter of Charles E. Jones, said that "Grandma Jones" (Fannie Riley Jones) always talked about her sister Ann. I have a vague impression that she never moved to Missouri, however, unlike their brother Charles, above. I think Aunt Ann may have remained on the East Coast, or perhaps even in Ireland.

John Fitzpatrick

It was believed by my Aunts that this John Fitzpatrick was a brother of Sarah Fitzpatrick Cleary. I do not have documentary proof of that, though there is a very clear family resemblance between his picture and hers: if not a brother, he must be a nephew or other close relative. The photo was taken in Perry, MO.

A Katie Fitzpatrick also appears as a witness to the wedding of Mary Ellen Cleary. I have always assumed she may have been a sister, but could also have been a niece, of Sarah's.

Sarah Fitzpatrick Cleary's father, Michael Fitzpatrick, is said to have come from Ireland to the Stamford Connecticut, area, where Sarah married William Cleary. But clearly some other related Fitzpatricks also went west to Missouri.

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