Sarah Grace at Home
Page Three

We know that one of the cliche baby pictures is the baby covered with food, but, well, it really is a typical view of Sarah Grace. This photo does not do justice to the vegetables and yogurt in her hair, though you can see at least some streaking; the face, bib, clothing, and -- though not shown here -- even the legs managed to have food on them at this session.

Eating is not, in fact, her only pastime. She does sleep. This shot shows a particularly unusual posture: one foot up the side of the crib, one hand reaching out to touch our bed.

But then there's always eating...
This captures both her intense interest and her interest in food (piece of pizza in hand, I think)

During the visit to Frying Pan Farm Park, we got to meet horses, cows, goats, etc. She sort of got close to the goat, but was far more interested in the chickens. I think because they were the only thing not bigger than she was.

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