Sarah Grace at Home
Page Two

From the often scared little kid when we first met at our first meeting in Changsha, she has emerged as a great, interested little kid who pays attention to everything, is eager to walk and seemingly to communicate, and who smiles much more.

Here, we're watching Disney's Fantasia with Daddy. She seemed absolutely captivated. Our friends will notice that the decor of our family room now tends to favor the youngest member of the family.

Many of her pictures do seem to involve eating. That's because she spends a lot of time doing it; the rice and milk she got at the orphanage has been much elaborated upon here.
But she's also learned to enjoy playing...
Though that doesn't mean that eating doesn't remain our most important pastime... that, and trying to do abstract modern art with our baby food...

Our eagerness to learn about things sometimes leaves Mommy just a bit weary. Here, we're looking at a horse at Frying Pan Farm Park.

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