Why "Sarah Grace" Dunn?

Another page of this website explains Sarah Grace Dunn's birth name, Chang Xiao Chao. But another question we're hearing frequently is, why "Sarah Grace"?

The name is, first of all, one we think sounds good, resonates well, and is old-fashioned enough that it will not be outdated (we once were at a Baptism of someone named "Dakota Raven" something, and no offense to the Dakotas and Ravens out there, but it will sound very dated soon). But more importantly, it invokes and remembers members of both Michael's and Tam's families.

Michael's mother was Sarah Agnes Dunn (1912-1966); she was always called Agnes or "Ag" by her family, but in fact, she didn't like the name  (she used to say "the ugly daughter is always called Agnes, or else Agnes is the name of the mule"). So, though everyone knew her as Agnes, she in fact preferred Sarah, her actual given name, though she couldn't get people to use it. Hence, Sarah. She'd rather be remembered, Michael thinks, by the name she liked; and we like it too.

Tam's Great-Aunt Grace appears to have been a real anchor in her family. Tam's mother was essentially raised, or at least drew most of her family values from, her Aunt Grace. Besides the obvious meaning of the name, we thought this was a good way of commemorating Tam's side of the family.

Hence, Sarah Grace. She'll always be Xiao Chao too, though we've decided she has enough names not to make that part of her formal, legal name. But she'll know her Chinese heritage and her Chinese name as well.

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