Chang Xiao Chao
(Sarah Grace Dunn)

About Her Chinese Name

Sarah Grace in China was known as  Chang Xiao Chao.  It is shown in Chinese characters above. For more on why she is called Sarah Grace in English, click here.


Her surname, Chang, is used for all the children from the same orphanage, the Changde Social Welfare Institute,  so it is not really an integral part of her name. For more on the character and sound, however,  and links to etymology etc., please click here.

XIAO   or in modern Mainland reformed character, 

Xiao, in the tone and character used in her name, means "dawn".  For more on the character, including links to sound files etc., check out this Chinese dictionary site.


Chao, the other component of her personal name, means "exceeding", or "going beyond". We find it interesting that it's also used in such compounds as "superpower" and "supermarket", so perhaps we have a superbaby, or at least a "super-dawn". Click here for more on the dictionary definitions, including links to sound files etc.

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