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For more than 30 years, Michael Dunn has avidly pursued genealogy as a hobby. As a trained historian, he has also begun the task of writing up his findings. On the Collins side of the family, he is several chapters into a draft of this material. On the Dunn side,  he has made a beginning. In addition, he has been working on the ancestry of his wife, Tam Mehuron. To learn more about Michael or Tam personally and professionally, click on their names to go to our home pages.

What's Here and What's Coming

This homepage, when fully complete, will offer links to several ways of accessing Michael's material. It is intended that it will contain, as soon as work permits me to complete it, the following, along with photos and maps:

Our Database

In order to give access to the names in our database, a restricted GEDCOM file (with no dates or places for persons still living) has been generated to allow persons to browse the names and surnames in the database. You may go to it by clicking  here. Please read the cautions at that site before using the material for your own lines. In time, we will be adding several other reports, charts  and historical material, more pictures (that's John Collins, 1819-1888, above) and eventually, the draft text of Michael's large history of the Collins family in America. Meanwhile, please enjoy what is here, and bookmark us so you can check back regularly for more.  Go to the Database.

Why I am a Genealogist

This is just what it sounds like. It explains why I do what I do. Those who are interested probably already know. Those who can't figure me out might learn something from this, but probably won't ever check this page. Click here to go there.

Two Dunn Essays

The two essays up so far do not carry full annotation. The complete family history, in progress, will be fully annotated. These two essays, written at the end of 1998, were intended to bring relatives up to date on my researches on the early Dunn line, which has been the most difficult of all my paternal lines. One discusses some possible candidates for the origins of our Dunns, and the other the Cherokee connections of the early Dunn and Kell lines. Click on the title to go to the text.
Why I Am a Genealogist

The Earliest Clues Found So Far on the Origin of Our Dunns

The Dunns' Cherokee Connections

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